Silao, Guanajuato.

Lyrba, is already, a leader company in the field of industrial and urban waste management and recycling. We achieved this through the installation of the first advanced-technology recycling park in Mexico. Same park that started, and still does, with the transformation of wood waste, plastic in general, unicel, metal scrap, paper, among others.
This park is located in road to San Ignacio u/n in Silao, Guanajuato and has a total surface of 21.3 acres.

In this park we have the following recycling processes:
-HDPE’s Grinding and washing technologies
-Plastiwood technology, to manufacture plastic recycled pallets.
-Plastic Granulation Technologyl
-Densifying technology for polyethylene and high and low density polypropylene
-Recycled Wooden pallets remanufacturing
-Cardboard and paper pressing
-Technology for recycling foam PS
-Metal and Metal Sheets pressing
-Scrap metal destruction
-Metal Chemical cleaning
-Technical Maintenance of industrial equipment
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